Dynamax DPF Cleaner, 500ml
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Dynamax DPF Cleaner, 500ml

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Dynamax DPF Cleaner, 500ml is used to weaken and remove carbon and ash deposits from diesel particulate filtration systems without disassembly. Provides the vehicle with optimal, high-performance driving characteristics.

Benefits of Dynamax DPF Cleaner, 500ml:

- decreases fuel consumption
- supports regenerate diesel particulate filter
- prolongs its life;

How to use: Remove the temperature or pressure sensor from the filter. Insert the special tube into the opening. Empty the spray at the following intervals: spray 3-5 times at 5 sec intervals. Install the temperature or pressure sensor back. Start the engine and let it run stationary for at least 15 minutes. To evaporate most of the fluid and perform a 30-minute test drive.

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