Detailing Brushes Set Carpro, 2 pcs
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Detailing Brushes Set Carpro, 2 pcs

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Detailing Brushes Set Carpro, 2 pcs is the perfect set for all exterior and interior cleaning tasks. Includes a natural pig hair brush and a soft-touch synthetic brush for delicate surfaces.

Both brushes are resistant to chemicals, alcohol and solvents and will withstand repeated use without fail. The natural pig hair brush is the excellent detailing brush for all heavy cleaning tasks, such as exterior trim, badges and heavy dirt, while the soft-touch synthetic brush has a split fiber finish specifically designed to ensure cleanliness. scratches on even the most delicate surfaces, such as gloss. black plastics, ornaments, watches and screens.


- suitable for every exterior and interior surface
- will not damage delicate surfaces
- alkaline resistant
- resistant to acids
- solvent resistant
- resistant to alcohol
- without broken or removed fibers

The set includes:

1 x Pig hair brush, 100% natural, 250 mm long x 28 mm wide
1 x Soft synthetic nylon brush, 165 mm long x 23 mm wide