Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml
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Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml

Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml

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Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml is an extremely effective cleaning concentrate that is designed to quickly remove and bind grease and oil residues, along with corrosion, sludge and mud residues. Due to its exceptional cleaning abilities, this concentrate keeps the new coolant from early contamination. Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml is recommended to be used for cooling systems and radiators of diesel and gasoline engines.

Benefits of Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml:

- efficient removal and binding of grease and oil residues
- removal of corrosion residues, mud and mud, which allows the impeccable performance of the cooling system
- prevention of contamination of engine oil and new coolant, because it eliminates any contaminants and deposits from the cooling system
- improving the overall performance of the radiator
- maintenance of all cooling systems
- easy application where no special tools are required;

How to use: Easy application is one of the key features of Valvoline Cooling System Cleaner. The whole process involves several simple steps:

Start by removing previously contaminated coolant and replace with fresh water, then add Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml to the radiator. Start the engine and leave it at operating temperature for about half an hour. Then drain the contaminated liquid mixture from the cooling system and wash with fresh water. If the system is heavily contaminated, repeat the entire procedure. Once the cooling system is cleaned, refill it with new coolant and don't forget to check the seal and ventilation.

Cooling System Cleaner Valvoline, 250ml is suitable for up to 10 liters of coolant.

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