Cooling System Cleaner Holts, 250ml
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Cooling System Cleaner Holts, 250ml

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Cooling System Cleaner Holts, 250ml is a cooling system cleaner that quickly cleans the radiator and cooling system. Removing limescale and harmful deposits will prevent overheating and prolong the life of your vehicle. Can be used on any engine to remove deposits and debris, ready for antifreeze / coolant filling. Over time, rust, limescale and deposits can build up inside the engine's cooling system, which means that it does not work efficiently and could lead to blockage. In extreme situations, your vehicle may overheat or freeze in the winter, with fatal consequences for your engine.

Benefits of Cooling System Cleaner Holts, 250ml:

- quick cleaning for radiators and blocked water channels
- removes deposits and harmful deposits
- prevents overheating
- suitable for use with all vehicle cooling systems
- clean the engine radiator and cooling system today with Holts Speedflush.

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