Convertible Top Cleaning and Impregnation Set Colourlock, 500ml
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Convertible Top Cleaning and Impregnation Set Colourlock, 500ml

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Convertible Top Cleaning and Impregnation Set Colourlock, 500ml is a set for cleaning and protecting soft top. Ideal for cleaning and protecting the textile ceilings (soft top) of convertible cars.

Convertible Top Cleaner is a detergent for the delicate cleaning of textile ceilings (it is also very effective for cleaning textile materials and microfibers such as Alcantara). Shake the bottle and always check the product on a hidden area before use.

Spray Convertible Top Cleaner on the entire surface to be cleaned (but not in large quantities, it is better to repeat if necessary) and stir with the sponge. For efficiency, use the brush in the case of spots and streaks. For extreme dirt, apply more detergent, shake and let it act longer.

After shaking, give the product an action time of 5-10 minutes (do not do this operation under the sun or another heat source). Then rinse with clean water (preferably at high pressure) until the dirt and detergent are completely removed. Let it dry and then apply Convertible Top Impregnation following the instructions.

Before application, prime and/or mask all painted and glass surfaces. Then, spray in a thin and uniform layer over the entire surface of the ceiling from a distance of approx. 40 cm (spraying method – cross). Then let it dry. We recommend a double application. Apply the product after each cleaning/washing.


1 x Convertible Top Cleaner, 500 ml
1 x Convertible Top Impregnation, 500 ml
1 x Cleaning Sponge
1 x Cleaning Cloth