Colad Respirator Mask A1P2
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Colad Respirator Mask A1P2

Colad Respirator Mask A1P2

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Colad Respirator Mask A1P2 fits perfectly around the nose and mouth. Complies with the strict UNE-EN 140 standard, CE marked: 0159. Especially suitable for use by car painters.

Benefits of Colad Respirator Mask A1P2:

- especially suitable for use by car painters
- carbon filters provide protection against the dangers of inhalation of hazardous materials such as spray paint, including isocyanates
- made of flexible synthetic material, which offers a good fit on the face, without leaks and good comfort
- the fit can be adjusted with a special swing band with a neck clamp
- neutral color: no negative influence on color judgment
- large filtration surface with 2 carbon filters: Colad Semi Mask Carbon Filter, 1 pc
- optimal protection and easy breathing
- large exhalation valve for optimal breathing comfort
- sealed transparent box saves the life of carbon filters;

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