Colad Check Light
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Colad Check Light

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A versatile LED work light designed for perfect color matching!

Using a manual work light has never been easier. Colad Check Light guarantees a clear and natural view of any job, wherever you are. With an ultra-high CRI value, the special LED is designed to perform an accurate color check on a spray sample and avoid costly repainting in the event of color mismatches caused by improper garage lighting. It allows you to detect the smallest defects, swellings and scratches in the shortest time, and its light nature and ergonomic grip make the Colad Check Light easy to use.
Colad Check Light tilts up to 180 degrees and can be placed anywhere with a rotating, robust hook or with a strong built-in magnet. It can be easily placed in a pocket or attached to the work belt using the built-in belt clip.
The two power supply modes provide excellent, long-lasting power, ensuring safety in all conditions. An automatic energy saving mode avoids the risk of overheating. The 3-hour operating time allows you to complete uninterrupted work for laborious recharging, while the detachable lens can be easily cleaned. Colad Check Light excels in extremely demanding environments for paint shops due to its robust construction, resistant to dust and splashes.

Advantages of Colad Check Light:

- perfect color recognition
- check for irregularities
- increases the quality of work
- place it where you want
- easy to wear
- easy to clean

Technical features Colad Check Light:

Color: Black
LED: Ultra-high CRI COB LED
CCT: 4500 Kelvin
CRI: 96 CRI +
2 power modes: Mode 1: 4.8 W / 400 lumens / 1100 lux @ 0.5 m / Battery life - 1 hour. Module 2: 2.0 watts / 180 lumens / 550 lux @ 0.5 m / battery life - 3 hours
Battery: Li-ion 3.7V / 2200mAh
Charger: Input 100-240V a.50 / 60Hz
Protection: IP65 (resistant to dust and splashes)
Temperature: Can be used at temperatures from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C

Contents: Control lamp, USB charger, 230V plug, magnetic holder