Car Shampoo with Wax 3D Wash N Wax, 3.78L
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Car Shampoo with Wax 3D Wash N Wax, 3.78L

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Car Shampoo with Wax 3D Wash N Wax, 3.78L is a multifunctional car wash shampoo. It will safely clean the car, make rinsing safer, leaving behind a protective layer of wax. This complex formula also lubricates the finish to create a slippery surface. Then, as you rinse the car, some of this patented blend of complex ingredients lags behind to form a protective layer that also leaves the paint with a glossy sheen.

Benefits of Car Shampoo with Wax 3D Wash N Wax, 3.78L:

- will easily clean and wax the car while you wash it
- Advanced soap with 3 functions, excellent cleaning, foaming and rinsing
- Balanced pH, removes dirt, road dirt and traffic film without removing previously applied wax, sealing material or ceramic protection
- The concentrated formula requires only 60 ml per 4 liters of water
- can be used with traditional bucket or foam washing guns, foam cannons
- Water-soluble hydrophobic polymers cover the surface and allow easy rinsing to conserve water and reduce towel drying time
- built-in wax creates a slippery surface after rinsing to make towel drying safer, while leaving a high gloss
- 3D Wash N Wax is the perfect shampoo for car washing when you do a maintenance wash for cars, trucks, boats, planes, motorhomes and motorcycles;

Way of ussage:

Step 1: Mix well 60 ml of Car Shampoo with Wax 3D Wash N Wax, 3.78L to 4 liters of clean water in a clean bucket
Step 2: Spray the machine with a strong jet of water to remove any dirt, pollen, leaves and other debris.
Step 3: Starting from the top of the car, dip a wash glove or a clean sponge in the bucket and then walk the glove over the entire surface of the body. Immediately rinse 3D Wash N Wax and any loose dirt and debris with a strong stream of clean water. Repeat this process for the rest of the car. After approaching the ceiling, wash the windshield and all the side and rear windows. Then wash the horizontal panels such as the hood and boot lid. After that, wash the vertical panels, the wings, the doors, the grill, the tailgate, the tailgate, etc.
Step 4: After washing the machine section by section, spray the entire machine again to make sure that all 3D Wash N Wax and any loose dirt and debris are completely rinsed off the machine.
Step 5: Remove any standing water using the preferred method of drying the vehicle with microfiber drying towels, synthetic goatskin or forced air drying

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