Car Pre-wash Snow Foam Ice Pro Mauve, 1kg
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Car Pre-wash Snow Foam Ice Pro Mauve, 1kg

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Formulated for use in a foam lance, Car Pre-wash Snow Foam Ice Pro Mauve, 1kg produces a rich foam and has a high cleaning power due to the alkaline compounds that easily penetrate the deposits caused by traffic (Traffic Film) such as oils, fats, smoke, insects and bird droppings.

It can be used to wash all types of vehicles safely and does not affect existing materials or protections on the car.

Way of ussage:

Shake before use.
Pour approx. 100-200 ml of solution (for maintenance washing) or 300-400 ml of solution (for very dirty cars) in the foaming lance and fill with water.
Apply the solution on the car (you can rinse the car with water beforehand).
Leave the foam to act for about 3-5 minutes.
Rinse surfaces with water jet to remove the solution completely.

DO NOT use the solution in direct sunlight.
DO NOT apply the solution on hot surfaces.
DO NOT allow the solution to dry on surfaces.

Store in the original package, away from frost and in direct sunlight, with temperatures between 5 ° C - 30 ° C.

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