Car Polish and Wax Liqui Moly, 500ml
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Liqui Moly Polish and Wax, 500ml

Car Polish and Wax Liqui Moly, 500ml

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Car Polish and Wax Liqui Moly, 500ml - cleans, polishes, protects and gives shine. With exceptional long-term protection. Protects from the harmful influences of the environment. For an intense shine. Cleans, polishes and preserves in a single working stage. Regular use determines an optimal maintenance of the lake. Suitable for polishing machines.

Benefits of Car Polish and Wax Liqui Moly, 500m:

- protects against the influences of the aggressive environment
- strong radiant gloss
- suitable for car polishing
- extremely easy to use
- excellent long-term protection

Field of application: Specially developed to restore colored and metallic paints in a state from us to slightly matte. The gloss and original appearance of the paint are easy to restore. Suitable for car polishing. Do not apply on matte paints.

How to use: First of all, the surfaces to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Shake the product vigorously before use and pour on a soft cloth, polishing cloth or sponge. Apply a thin and even layer on the surface of the paint using light pressure and circular movements. Treat only a small portion. Allow the product to dry until it forms a light crust. Remove the crust and polish with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use under direct heat or on hot paint surfaces. Regular application provides optimal results.

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