Car Liquid Wax 3D Poxy, 473ml
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Car Liquid Wax 3D Poxy, 473ml

Car Liquid Wax 3D Poxy, 473ml

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Car Liquid Wax 3D Poxy, 473ml falls into the category of wax called show car wax or finishing wax. The reason for this is that it is pure protection. There are no chemical or abrasive cleaners as found in AIO products. This is a product dedicated to protecting the paint, adding a deep, moist, glossy, slippery and slippery shine to the touch, as we all like. As it has no cleaning agents or abrasives and therefore does not have the ability to remove paint defects, such as swirls, scratches, oxidation and water stains, it should only be used on paints that are already in new condition. or excellence. This includes brand new cars fresh from the floor of the dealership showroom or immediately after the paint on any vehicle has been professionally cleaned and polished. Car Liquid Wax 3D Poxy, 473ml is a sealant / hybrid wax that does not clean. This means that it is a mixed paint protection product, made from both artificial synthetic protection ingredients.

Benefits of Car Liquid Wax 3D Poxy, 473ml:

- hybrid mixture of synthetic wax and Montan
- superior chemical resistance and high heat resistance
- protection lasting longer than traditional skies
- quick application by hand or by machine, with effortless wiping
- the non-staining formula will not stain the plastic ornaments
- results without dust, without stains, without stains
- for new cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats and planes

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