Car Liquid Wax 3D Express Wax, 3.78L
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Car Liquid Wax 3D Express Wax, 3.78L

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Car Liquid Wax 3D Express Wax, 3.78L seals the paint with a layer of long-lasting Montan wax, resistant to chemicals. It is used after the first washing and drying of the machine or as a drying aid to dry the machine after washing.

Benefits of Car Liquid Wax 3D Express Wax, 3.78L:

- quick application, application then wiping
- creates a high gloss, deep moist shine
- Durable Montan wax is resistant to chemicals and scratches
- offers superior impermeability and water resistance
- can be used in direct sunlight
- will not stain the plastic gaskets
- hides whirlpools and minor and superficial scratches

How to use:

Step 1: Spray a little product on a section of the body panel.
Step 2: Using a clean, soft microfiber towel, spread the product on the surface to create a thin, even layer of product on the surface.
Step 3: Using a separate, clean, soft microfiber towel, remove any excess product and polish this section for a dry, glossy sheen. Repeat this process for the rest of the car. For best results, use plenty of clean, dry soft microfiber towels.

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