Bug Remover 3D, 3.78L
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Bug Remover 3D, 3.78L

Bug Remover 3D, 3.78L

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Bug Remover 3D, 3.78L is a professional quality product designed for professional retailers, but safe enough to be used by enthusiasts as well. You can use this product as a standalone product, which means that you can use it even if you do not intend to wash the car. This makes it perfect for road trips, because whenever you stop for fuel, snacks or accommodation, you can use 3D Bug Remover Insect Cleaning Solution, 473 ml with a few microfiber towels and you can remove all dead insect bodies from the front of the car , windows, side mirrors, headlights, turn signals and front bumpers.

Benefits of Bug Remover 3D, 3.78L:

- weakens and quickly removes the accumulation of protein from insects, insects and tree sap
- safe on paint, wax, transparent layers, plastic, rubber, chrome, aluminum, windows, mirrors
- without washing, simply spray and rinse away from the surface
- excellent for cars, RVs, boats, trucks, motorcycles, home or office use

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