Brilliant Tools Cutter Knife
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Brilliant Tools Cutter Knife
Brilliant Tools Cutter Knife

Brilliant Tools Cutter Knife

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Brilliant Tools Cutter Knife has a reliable knife for a range of projects. This reliable cutting knife has an 18 mm wide retractable blade that can be adjusted for precise cutting when needed. Ideal for everyday use, such as opening boxes, art and craft projects, as well as special projects in which you need to cut carpets, drywall, vinyl and other durable materials. Whether it is a camping trip with the family or for home renovation work, the universal knife is a practical help for many tasks. With its robust construction, this knife is designed for reliable longevity and durability. Thanks to the 2-component handle and the quick release function, you can work with confidence and safely with the cutting knife. You can expect precise cuts and a simple safety lock that protects you from accidental injury when not in use.

Benefits of Brilliant Tools Cutter Knife:

- blade 18mm x 10 cm
- metal blade guide
- plastic case
- 2-piece handle
- The gradual extension of the blade offers safety in use
- simple and quick replacement of the blades behind the knife

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