Brake Fluid TRW DOT 4, 1L
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Brake Fluid TRW DOT 4, 1L

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Brake fluid requires top performance! Brake Fluid TRW DOT 4, 1L transmits hydraulic pressure to the braking system when the brake pedal is pressed, and this generates very high temperatures. In extreme cases, these high temperatures can cause the liquid to boil. Once the fluid starts to boil, braking efficiency is drastically reduced. Bubbles and vapors are formed which can be compressed. In this case, the pulsation of the brakes no longer produces the expected effect; the brake pedal can be pressed all the way to the floor and the vehicle does not stop quickly enough. That is why it is very important to check the brake fluid regularly. If the measured boiling point is below 180°C, the liquid should be replaced. Independent studies have shown that seven out of ten vehicles need another brake fluid.

TRW recommends changing the brake fluid annually for DOT 3 systems and once every 2 years for DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 to maintain maximum braking performance and safety. Brake Fluid TRW DOT 4, 1L is recommended for vehicles with front disc brakes, rear drum brakes/vehicles with disc brakes everywhere/suitable for vehicles with ABS.

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