Brake Fluid TRW DOT 3, 500ml
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Brake Fluid TRW DOT 3, 500ml

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TRW has developed DOT 3 universal brake fluid ensuring the best flow properties for these systems, especially in cold weather conditions. ABS hydraulic units contain very small bores that guide the brake fluid to the valves and pumps. The low-viscosity brake fluid allows the rapid increase and decrease of pressure required for different braking needs. The electronic stability systems calculate the time in milliseconds, the faster the system modulates the pressure, the shorter the stopping distance.

By using Brake Fluid TRW DOT 3, 500ml, the latent risk of a longer stopping distance and loss of control over the vehicle is reduced. Brake Fluid TRW DOT 3, 500ml maintains its viscosity, even at extremely low temperatures, which means that the brake fluid can react faster, in any conditions.

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