Brake Fluid Bosch DOT 4, 1L
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Brake Fluid Bosch DOT 4, 1L

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Bosch brake fluid is an added safety feature for any vehicle. Metal containers provide superior protection against water absorption. This very easily alters the properties of the brake fluid, lowers its boiling temperature and thus increases the braking distance and thus the risks of an accident. Changing the brake fluid at the recommended intervals is mandatory and Brake Fluid Bosch DOT 4, 1L is the best choice:

- containers of different sizes both for personal use and for services;
- the best quality;
- packed in metal containers to preserve properties and increase safety;
- over 99% coverage for vehicles manufactured in Europe;
- boiling points much higher than the required safety provisions;

Dry boiling point: 265 °C
Wet boiling point: 165 °C

Content: 1 liter