Brake Dust Remover 3D BDX, 3.78L
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Brake Dust Remover 3D BDX, 3.78L

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Brake Dust Remover 3D BDX, 3.78L is a spray-on product designed to chemically dissolve and remove a wide range of chemical contamination from the outside of your car, including wheels, body panels and other exterior surfaces. This product is specially formulated to be safe on modern transparent coat finishes, as well as on all types of wheels, including painted, chrome-plated, polished and coated aluminum. 3D BDX does not contain acid and has a balanced pH. If contamination is present on wheels or on painted body panels, there is a chemical reaction that occurs when 3D BDX chemically dissolves the contamination. The visual aspect of this process is 3D BDX (and dissolved contamination), it becomes a dark red, purple color. This is a sign that contamination is actually present. The good news is that dissolving the contamination so that it can be washed with rinse water has stopped any corrosion on the car's wheel finish or car paint. Given how thin modern car paint is, it is important to keep it clean and free of contamination. After washing the car, you can go to the next step knowing that the car's wheels and paint are clean and free of any chemical contamination.

Benefits of Brake Dust Remover 3D BDX, 3.78L:

- removes dust from the brake
- removes iron contamination
- Removes industrial fallout
- non-acid, safe on all wheels
- Safe on car paint
- the formula that changes color turns purple as it dissolves any type of chemical contamination;

Quantity: 3.78L