Benbow Cleaning Gun 103, 1000ml
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Benbow Cleaning Gun 103, 1000ml

Benbow Cleaning Gun 103, 1000ml

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Professional Pneumatic Pistol - Benbow Cleaning Gun 103, 1000ml in a special version with metal funnel and metal tube for more efficient removal of dirt. A rapidly rotating metal (bearing) tube causes the physical effect of the tornado. Due to the fast rotational movement, a small wind vortex is generated, which together with the cleaning agent ensures an extremely precise cleaning. This gun that uses the physical effect of the tornado increases the dirt and stores it inside the funnel. This version uses a metal rod and a silicone hose for this purpose. The cleaning gun can be used with standard indoor cleaning devices. It is driven by compressed air, in the best case by a compressor of about 200-260 l / min at a consumption of 5.5 bar.

Common areas of use for this instrument are the interior of the vehicle: vents, storage compartments, interior door faces, door seals, gaskets and hinges. In addition, it is perfect for cleaning all materials, such as car seats, carpets and scooters. Even sleepers and other hard-to-reach places can be cleaned directly or at a distance of up to 15 cm. The engine compartment can also be cleaned easily and quickly with the BenBow cleaning gun, as well as on the gaskets on the boot lid.

Alloy wheels, steel wheels, hubcaps, and even household appliances and goods, blinds, garage doors and many other things that are infested with dust, moss or other debris can be cleaned quickly and easily with a Benbow cleaning gun.

Attention: after each use rinse the gun with water (put water in the container and let it work for 1 min).

- metal funnel
- metal nozzle with bearing
- 5000 rotations / minute
- air consumption: 245 l / min at 5.5 bar
- maximum pressure: 7.5 bar
- container volume: 1 liter

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