Auto Spray Sealant Soft99 Rain Drop, 300ml
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Auto Spray Sealant Soft99 Rain Drop, 300ml

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Soft99 Rain Drop, 300ml is the newest Soft99 product, specially developed to be applied on the entire exterior surface of your car: metal, glass, plastic, chrome. You can apply it even if there is already a protection on the car.

Bazooka-style trigger spray makes application very fast, combining unprecedented convenience with a coating that protects the paint for up to 3 months, and glass for up to 2 months. Thanks to the special sprayer, Soft99 Rain Drop, 300ml is sprayed at a very long distance, more than with conventional sprayers.

Instructions for use:

Before use, shake the container up and down several times (due to the ingredients, the solution may separate).

1. Wash your vehicle to remove dirt or dust.
2. Apply all over the wet exterior, spraying for about 1 second per 1 ㎡.
3. After spraying, wipe immediately while spreading foam on the surface with a microfiber cloth or towel. Squeeze the cloth or towel regularly.
4. After dry wiping, let it dry completely - 5 minutes in hot conditions (summer), 20-30 minutes in winter.

The amount of 300 ml is enough to apply about 4 times on a medium-sized machine. The water-repellent effect lasts about three months on the outside and about two months on the glass.

Caution: Do not spray on rims or grids directly, but spray on a microfiber cloth and then apply.

Quantity: 300 ml