Auto Spray Sealant Nanolex SiSpray, 750ml
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Auto Spray Sealant Nanolex SiSpray, 750ml

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Nanolex SiSpray, 750ml is an extremely versatile, easy-to-use and high-performance sealing product that can be applied to paint, wheels, metal and plastic, leaving surfaces protected and easy to clean.

Nanolex SiSpray, 750ml leaves behind a thick layer of polymers, which lasts a long time, providing a special gloss in combination with a high hydrophobicity, and facilitates surface cleaning.

Nanolex SiSpray, 750ml is very easy to apply - simply spray 2-3 times on a microfiber towel and then spread on the surface until it shows no traces.

Benefits of Nanolex SiSpray, 750ml:

- long-lasting protection
- very easy to apply
- high hydrophobicity
- special luster

Nanolex SiSpray, 750ml was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Quantity: 750ml