Auto Spray Sealant Gyeon Q2M Cure, 250ml
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Auto Spray Sealant Gyeon Q2M Cure, 250ml

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Gyeon Q2M Cure, 250ml is the final product for the maintenance of any type of protection. Using this product periodically, you will add an additional hydrophobic effect to the paints. Gyeon Q2M Cure, 250ml can also be used on paints without a protective coating, thus adding a quick protection. It can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. Gyeon Q2M Cure, 250mlis also excellent for use after washing the car, removing traces of water and adding extra gloss. Because the Gyeon Q2M Cure, 250ml is based on SIO2 (silicon dioxide), its regular use will have a major influence on the durability of the protective coating on the paint, by expanding its performance.

Durability protection:> 6 weeks
SIO2 (silicon dioxide):> 5%
Consumption: 30 ml / car

Content: 250 ml