Auto Liquid Wax Sonax High Speed Wax, 500ml
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Auto Liquid Wax Sonax High Speed Wax, 500ml

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Sonax High Speed ​​Wax is an extremely effective solution for paint protection. Sonax High Speed ​​Wax does not contain solvents and is recommended for paints in good or relatively good condition. The new formula Sonax High Speed ​​Wax with carnauba content protects the paint for several weeks, offering a deep and trace-free moist look. This liquid wax is very easy to apply, without the need for intense polishing. Sonax High Speed ​​Wax is also recommended for the maintenance of obsolete plastic and rubber accessories.

Instructions for use:

- car wash with car shampoo: SmartCarWash, Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss, Liqui Moly Auto Wash Shampoo or Optimum No Rinse;
- shake the container before use;
- spray the product evenly on damp paint; no drying required;
- treat in sections and distribute the wax with a sponge or microfiber cloth;
- Wipe with a soft polishing cloth.

Chemical composition: aqueous emulsion with different types of wax.

Contents: 500 ml (container with spray)