All Purpose Cleaner Ice Pro Phenom APC, 5kg
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All Purpose Cleaner Ice Pro Phenom APC, 5kg

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All Purpose Cleaner Ice Pro Phenom APC, 5kg is a concentrated solution that can be used to clean most surfaces inside and outside the car. The solution easily penetrates dirt and the dense foam lifts it to the surface.


1:15 - 1:20 for plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather interior surfaces
1: 8 pre-wash
1: 5 for cleaning rims and tires
1: 5 to remove insects stuck to the car lake (insect remover)
1: 3 - 1: 5 for cleaning the engine compartment

Way of ussage:

1. Shake the container containing the solution before preparing the dilution.
2. Prepare the solution according to the degree of dirt to be removed.
3. Apply the solution on a SOLDIER cloth or IPDB Natural or IPDB Syntethic brush
4. Agita murdaria.
5. Remove dirt by wiping the surface with a SOLDIER or BIFriend cloth.
6. Rinse the surface with a cloth soaked in water to remove any solution residue.
7. If necessary, repeat the process.
8. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.
9. Be sure to test the compatibility of the solution with the material that needs cleaning on an area hidden from view.
10. Do not work with the product in direct sunlight.

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