Acidic Car Shampoo Carpro Descale, 500ml
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Acidic Car Shampoo Carpro Descale, 500ml

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Acidic Car Shampoo Carpro Descale, 500ml is a new acidic car shampoo launched for SEMA 2021. It has been designed from the ground up to revive ceramic coatings that have accumulated minerals on them.

Over time, minerals (sometimes seen as water stains) and sometimes not easily visible will "clog" or make the surface less smooth. This, in turn, creates a higher surface tension which, in turn, does not allow water and dirt to drain as easily from the surface. Most communities suffer from this situation (often known as "hard water"). Acidic Car Shampoo Carpro Descale, 500ml was created to help remove these stubborn minerals from treated or even untreated cars. It breaks down the accumulated minerals that reduce the gloss and restore the smoothness of ceramic coatings, at the same time bringing back the hydrophobic nature affected by mineral stains!

Although fantastic for freeing ceramic coatings and strong nano-sealants (such as Auto Liquid Sealant Carpro HydrO2, 1000ml) from baked-on mineral deposits, Acidic Car Shampoo Carpro Descale, 500ml is not the right shampoo for a regular wash of a waxed car or treated with sealant, because it can remove wax or sealant.

When to use:

Vehicles coated with CQUARTZ that are subject to hard water.
Vehicles covered with ceramics that have lost their hydrophobic substance or gloss.
Neglected vehicles.
A first step towards complete detailing.

When NOT to use:

If your car has a carnauba wax or a polymeric sealing material and you don't want to resume the waxing process or use sealant.
As a regular weekly wash. For regular washes, use Car Shampoo Carpro Reset, 1000ml!

Features and specifications:

Removes minerals from covered and uncovered surfaces.
Safe for covered and uncovered cars.
Versatile cleaning agent capable of removing wax, sealants and hard dirt.
Rejuvenating capacity of the ceramic coating.
pH 6


Dilute 1:100 for bucket washing or 1:10 for foam sprayer/spray bottle.
For light contamination: use Acidic Car Shampoo Carpro Descale, 500ml as a pre-wash foam and allow maximum storage time (without letting it dry) before rinsing. Follow with a manual wash with gloves.
For stronger contamination: wash panel by panel starting with the horizontal panels. Wash the panel and let Acidic Car Shampoo Carpro Descale, 500ml, sit as long as possible without letting it dry.
Repeat if necessary.
Rinse well with water.


Test on an inconspicuous area before use.
Do not let it dry on the surface.
Eye and skin protection recommended.
Keep out of reach of children.
To keep in a dry and cool place.

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