Abrasive Paper Kovax Tolecut 3000, 29x35mm, Set 8 pcs
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Kovax Tolecut Abrasive Paper 3000, 29x35mm, Set 8 pcs

Abrasive Paper Kovax Tolecut 3000, 29x35mm, Set 8 pcs

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Abrasive Paper Kovax Tolecut 3000, 29x35mm, Set 8 pcs is an innovative abrasive paper that can be used with Kovax Toleblock - Manual Sanding Pad. A Kovax Tolecut sandpaper contains 8 small papers that are applied to the Kovax Toleblock pad.

Abrasiveness: 3000
Small paper dimensions: 29 x 35 mm

Kovax Folded Abrasive System

Application: unique dry sanding system to remove imperfections from the paint.


In the abrasive materials market, there is no system similar to the Tolecut system. It is unique in that it offers the ability to remove imperfections by dry grinding, up to and including P3000 abrasiveness. The advantages of this system are numerous. The dry grinding system is much cleaner than the wet grinding system and you can see better what you sand. As a result, the sanding process can be completed much faster, and the risk of sandblasting through the varnish layer is reduced to a minimum. The Tolecut system combines aggression and uniformity. Therefore, the total scratch correction time will be shorter. Tolecut is also very suitable for ceramic varnishes.

The Kovax Tolecut 1/8 system is used to remedy small and medium imperfections and on a flat surface.

Contents: 1 piece (1 sheet)