A/C Cleaner Wynn's Airco Fresh, 250ml
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A/C Cleaner Wynn's Airco Fresh, 250ml

A/C Cleaner Wynn's Airco Fresh, 250ml

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A/C Cleaner Wynn's Airco Fresh, 250ml is a highly effective detergent based on water-soluble surfactants for air conditioning systems and packaged in a sprayer.


- cleans the surface of the evaporator within the air conditioning system;
- deodorizes and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors;
- can avoid allergic reactions: sneezing, colds, coughs, sore throats, eye irritations, etc.;
- it is not flammable and is composed of non-toxic, non-irritating and non-oxidizing agents;
- spray in any position (even with the top held down);
- contains purified air in the form of fuel gas;


- for all air conditioning systems of cars, trucks and pleasure boats, with or without pollen filter;
- not to be used as an air freshener;

Instructions for use:

First method: Through the engine compartment

- remove the pollen filter or the cabin filter that is usually on the right passenger side, if any;
- set the air flow to flow only through the central hole of the dashboard;

Manually controlled air conditioning:

- turn off the air conditioning and set the temperature to cold;
- set to "outside air" and give maximum speed;

Automatic air conditioning:

- set the ECO mode if possible, or turn off the air conditioning, then set the temperature to minimum;
- set to "outside air" and give maximum speed;

Continue as follows:

- shake Wynn's Airco Fresh spray well - A / C treatment before use;
- shake the container well and spray the solution in the A / C intake manifold (usually located in the engine compartment on the passenger side) for 3 minutes at intervals of 3 seconds with high pressure;

Applying the solution through the ventilation slots inside the vehicle:

- adjust the air flow to the slots in the middle of the dashboard
- manual A / C system: set A / C to stop, set the emission temperature to cold, set the emission speed to maximum, set the ventilation system to RECIRCULATION;
- automatic A / C system: set to ECo or A / C off, but at the lowest possible temperature. Find the place where the air is most sucked in (usually around the foot slit) and spray for 1 minute;
- turn off the air conditioning system and wait 10 minutes before turning on the air conditioning system again;

Technical data:

Appearance: Clear green liquid
Density at 15 ° C: 1.0027 kg / dm³
PH value: 8.0
Gas propellant: Purified air

Content: 250 ml