3M Weld-Thru II, 377ml
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3M Weld-Thru II, 377ml

3M Weld-Thru II, 377ml

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3M Weld-Thru II, 377ml is an aerosol coating, designed to prevent corrosion between welded metal surfaces. Featuring a zinc base that attracts corrosion and removes it from uncovered metals, it helps prevent costly repairs due to corrosion installed in welds. The spray-applied coating is fast made, resists welding splashes that are common in some weldable primers and dries in just 5 minutes, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the workshop.

Benefits of 3M Weld-Thru II, 377ml:

- protects the panels and non-galvanized metal parts against corrosion after welding
- Zinc base removes contact corrosion
- easy application by aerosol spraying

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