3M Performance Spray Gun PPS 2.0
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3M Performance Spray Gun PPS 2.0
3M Performance Spray Gun PPS 2.0

3M Performance Spray Gun PPS 2.0

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3M Performance Spray Gun PPS 2.0 is the first 3M spray gun designed specifically to save you time while delivering top performance. Its integrated system includes quick-change replaceable spray heads and 3M PPS Series 2.0 spray cups, which make cleaning, changing and cycle time faster.

With a high transfer efficiency, a large, adjustable fan pattern and a smooth shutter release, it's everything you'd expect from the best metal spray gun - just smarter. The replaceable nozzle system is available in six sizes from 1.2 to 2.0 to spray a full range of high-performance car coatings, including solid colors, pearls, metallic, clear coatings, sealants and primers. And the quick-rotating locking collar secures the nozzle to the spray gun body so you can be confident it will stay in place and spray hard.

Benefits of 3M Performance Spray Gun PPS 2.0:

- precision spraying performance with high transfer efficiency and large, adjustable fan model
- Faster cleaning and change that can help you improve your cycle
- quick-change replaceable spray heads connect directly to the 3M PPS 2.0 system
- sprays a full range of car coatings
- light, impact resistant body of the pistol
- intuitive, ergonomic design, for increased comfort

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