Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml
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Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml
Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml
Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml

Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml

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Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml is a universally compatible, ultra-fine paste, created to be used in combination with a wide range of polish machines, including rotary, orbital eccentric and planetary orbital. Our own recipe, developed and produced by RUPES, uses the latest abrasive technology to obtain the highest level of optical clarity and reflection possible when working with RFES BigFoot polyshare systems, plates and sponges.

Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml is ideal for matte and raw paints or can be used to obtain an intense gloss specific to showrooms, even when polishing dark paints. The absence of additives, the ease with which it is applied, the easy removal of residues left after polishing, are reasons why the user has a pleasant experience in the polishing process, and the safe recipe for car painters make this polishing solution the ideal solution for a multitude of applications.

Features and benefits of Rupes Uno Pure, 250ml:

• Universal use for all types of BigFoot systems;
• Pleasant user experience accompanied by quick removal of remaining residues;
• Unmatched quality of finish, even in the case of raw paints;
• Approved for all types of paint, including plain, hard, raw or "sticky" varnishes;
• Various applications, depending on the plate or sponge chosen;
• No additives;
• Without protection properties, it leaves behind a "PURE" finish, the surface being prepared for the application of the protection product;
• For optimal results, use with RUPES ultra-fine white polyshare sponges.

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