Rupes Uno Protect, 1000ml
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Rupes Uno Protect, 1000ml

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Rupes Uno Protect, 1000ml is a complete product - polish and wax - that can remove medium defects to obtain an intense gloss and a finish with polymer protection, in one step. The specialized mixture of abrasive particles in combination with high quality synthetic waxes and carnauba wax can be applied, either with the help of a polishing machine or manually, thus allowing Rupes Uno Protect, 1000ml to quickly remove imperfections from surfaces, leaving following a layer of polymer protection that lasts up to 60 days.

Rupes Uno Protect, 1000ml produces fast results with a minimum of effort, thus becoming the ideal solution for fast detailing workshops, workshops with high flow of works, car representatives and car reconditioning companies.

Features and benefits of Rupes Uno Protect, 1000ml:

• Removes medium to slight defects in one step;
• Polishing the surface results in intense gloss;
• Provides a protective layer that lasts up to 60 days;
• Removes easily;
• Can be applied mechanically or manually (mechanical application is recommended to have the best results);
• Compatible with eccentric orbital, planetary orbital and rotary polish machines;
• The degree of correction or finishing is easily adjusted by changing the sponge used;

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