Rupes LH19E, Rotary Polish, Deluxe Kit
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Rupes LH19E, Rotary Polish, Deluxe Kit

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Rupes LH19E is the 3rd generation of Rupes rotary machines designed with 1200W motor and 2-speed transmission. In practical terms this allows the retailer to reach double torque and double speed, which offers better cooling. At the lowest speed setting, with very little pressure on the start button, the car can operate efficiently even at 100 RPM. Offering a high torque engine, compact design, premium ergonomics and lightweight housing, the Rupes LH19E is one of the most capable and maneuverable rotary machines on the market. Designed as a lightweight, yet powerful Rupes LH19E car, it is the ideal solution for a multitude of industries including auto detailing, auto repair, marine and many more.

The rotary machine polish sponges have a new formula and were specially developed for rotary type machines. All three sponges are made of open cell foam to provide a seamless experience, minimizing the amount of heat. The sponge profile helps prevent accidental contact between the tray and the polishing board.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 1200 W
Speed: 450 - 1700 rpm
Cable length: 9M
Taler fillet: M14
Dual speed control: button & rotated
Sponge size: 125mm / 5 inch, 150mm / 6 inch, 165mm / 6.5 inch
Weight: 2.2 kg

Rupes LH19E, Rotary Polish, Deluxe Kit contains:

1 x LH19E Rotary Polish machine including 125 mm cutter
1 x Anti-vibration handle
1 x Polish Compound Rupes BigFoot Rotary 250ml
1 x Polish Fine Yellow Rupes BigFoot Rotary 250ml
1 x Polish Ultra Fin Rupes BigFoot Rotary 250ml
1 x BigFoot Rotary 150 mm Abrasive Rupes
1 x BigFoot Rotary Rotary Fin 150 mm
1 x Ultra Fin Rupes BigFoot Rotary 150mm Burette
4 x Microfiber wipes
1 x Sort
1 x BigFoot Claw for sponge cleaning.
1 x BigFoot storage bag

Quantity: 1 kit