Rupes D-A Coarse, 1000ml
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Rupes D-A Coarse, 1000ml

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Rupes D-A Coarse, 1000ml - Polish Abrasive Paste is the newest polishing paste available from RUPES, created to have maximum results in various applications. With high corrective power and safe for car paints, the paste is ideal for technicians looking for a single product that makes their work easier by quickly removing defects, with minimal dust, easy to wipe at the end and with an intense final gloss.

Rupes D-A Coarse is optimized for outstanding results when used with Rupes Bigfoot polish machines, eccentric orbital or planetary orbital. When used in combination with the new Rupes hard polyshare sponge, polyshare fur or microfiber pads, DA Coarse can remove the marks of scratches left by P1500 granular abrasives on painted surfaces, either classic, gelcoat or similar materials. 

Features and benefits of Rupes D-A Coarse, 1000ml:

• High performance hard correction compound;
• Durable lubrication system for an extended polishing cycle and extended working time;
• Recipe with minimal dust releases reduces subsequent cleaning work;
• Removal of medium to severe defects in one step and finishing most painted surfaces;
• Recommended for eccentric or planetary orbital polish machines.

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