Pro Detailing Lance Foaming (type LS3)
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Pro Detailing Lance Foaming (type LS3)

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Pro Detailing Lance Foaming (type LS3) is the lance that most retailers use in car prewash. Can be used for:

- personal use (personal car washing, detailing, etc.);
- industrial use;
- professional use;
- car washes;
- disinfection - private domain;

Pro Detailing Lance Foaming (type LS3) is easy to use, provides a perfect coverage of the entire vehicle, thus allowing a quality cleaning. Allows you to adjust the angle of the foam jet between 0 and 40 degrees and the foam concentration (depending on the degree of dirt on the outside of the vehicle). With the help of an adapter, you can connect it to most water jet cleaners: Karcher (K ​​& HD), Bosch, Wap, Kranzle, Lavor, Faip, Portotehnica, Idropavese, etc.

With the help of Pro Detailing Lance Foaming (type LS3), you can pre-wash the car using active foam or car shampoo.

Nominal pressure: 180 bar
Maximum pressure: 200 bar
Flow rate: 20 liters / min
Maximum liquid temperature: 60 ° C

The lance in the picture includes the adapter for Karcher K-Series water appliances. The picture is for information only.

The lance sold is manufactured in Italy.

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