Gyeon Q2M Metal Polish, 120 ml
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Gyeon Q2M Metal Polish, 120 ml

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Gyeon Q2M Metal Polish, 120 ml is the number one solution when it comes to the restoration and polishing of metal, aluminum, stainless steel or chrome. Very efficient, safe on all surfaces and very easy to use. Start by cleaning the surface and remove any decontamination. Work in small sections, use Gyeon Q2M Metal Polish, 120 ml until only a strong gloss remains. The product can be used both manually and with a polish machine, microfiber, foam or wool applicators.

Gyeon Q2M Metal Polish, 120 ml offers an extremely balanced combination of large cutting properties, with a very good level of gloss and clarity of finish. When used with the polish machine and sponge properly, it can eliminate the traces of grinding. It has everything you need to create a mirror-like finish.

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