Motor Cleaner Wynn's, 325ml
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Motor Cleaner Wynn's, 325ml

Motor Cleaner Wynn's, 325ml

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Motor Cleaner Wynn's, 325ml is a highly concentrated detergent designed to clean all oil systems before changing oils.


- internally cleans the engine oil system;
- dissolves and maintains in suspension: dirt, oil sediments and deposits in the upper cylindrical area of ​​the engine;
- avoid congestion and precipitation caused by dissolved dirt;
- prevents contamination of fresh oil with previously remaining residues;
- forms an anti-friction and anti-wear protective layer on metal surfaces;
- is compatible with all mineral or synthetic oils, simple or combined;
- does not harm catalytic converters;


- all petrol, LPG or diesel engines of stationary cars or equipment;
- manual gearboxes, differentials and steering boxes;

Instructions for use:


- add the 325 ml container to 6 liters of oil, before changing the oil, leave the engine running for 15 minutes or drive 15 km at a moderate speed;
- change the oil and filters;

Transmissions (manual) and differential:

- add 5% in oil. Drive for 1 to 8 hours without overloading, remove the oil and refill;

Technical data:

Appearance: Clear liquid
Density at 15 ° C: 0.8536 kg / dm³
Viscosity at 40 ° C: 2.52 mm² / s
Flash point 75 ° C

Content: 325 ml