Liqui Moly Oil Stop, 300ml
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Liqui Moly Oil Stop, 300ml

Liqui Moly Oil Stop, 300ml

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Liqui Moly Oil Stop, 300ml regenerates rubber and plastic engine gaskets, as well as shaft seals, valve stem gaskets and prevents oil stains from forming under the vehicle. Prevents oil dilution. Reduces engine noise and oil consumption on valve segments and guides.

Benefits of Liqui Moly Oil Stop, 300ml:

- prevents smoke
- dampens engine noise
- maintains and regenerates rubber and plastic gaskets
- reduces oil consumption
- prevents oil stains and environmental pollution;

How to use: A 300 ml dose of solution is sufficient for up to 5 l of engine oil. The product can be added at any time. After adding the solution, the engine must be allowed to warm up. The sealing begins to take effect after about 600-800 km. In order to guarantee the optimal action of the solution, it is good to use it every 30,000 km.

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