Koch Chemie GSF Gentle Snow Foam, 1000ml
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Koch Chemie GSF Gentle Snow Foam, 1000ml

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Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam, 1000ml is a pH-neutral foam with a cherry flavor that can be used as a pre-wash agent when applied from a foaming lance or foaming atomizer. Of course it can work very well as a shampoo for manual washing. Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam adheres very well to the painted surface and softens dirt for a long time. Due to the neutral pH formula, it does not affect the protection on the car. For extra cleaning power it can be used in combination with Green Star from Koch Chemie, including for insect cleaning.

Recommendations for use:

Pour about 20-30 ml in 1L of water when using an atomizer.
Manual washing: 50 ml to 10L of water.
Active foam: 10-30 ml of Green Star in the diluted solution of Gentle Snow Foam

It must not be allowed to dry on the surface.

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