Ice Pro Mirror pH Neutral Shampoo, 1kg
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Ice Pro Mirror pH Neutral Shampoo, 1kg

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Ice Pro Mirror pH Neutral Shampoo, 1kg is a highly concentrated car shampoo with neutral pH, high foaming and high cleaning power.

It can be used on all surfaces on the outside of the car safely and does not attack existing protections on it.

The shampoo softens and removes dirt completely, having a high lubrication to minimize the risk of scratches during the manual washing process.

Way of ussage:

Shake before use.
Pour 50-100 ml of Mirror shampoo in approx. 10 liters of water.
Soak the microfiber car wash glove in the wash bucket.
Wash the machine with a microfiber glove.
Rinse the glove in the rinsing bucket after washing each panel of the car.
Rinse surfaces with water jet to remove the solution completely.

To safely remove coarse dirt, it is recommended to use Ice Pro Mauve Pre-Wash Foam, 1kg beforehand.

Apply Auto pH Neutral Ice Pro Mirror Shampoo, 1kg only on the car cold to the touch, positioned in the shade or in a temperature controlled environment.

DO NOT use the solution in direct sunlight.
DO NOT apply the solution on hot surfaces.
DO NOT allow the solution to dry on surfaces.

Store in the original package, in frost-free areas and in direct sunlight with temperatures between 5 ° C - 30 ° C.

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