Flex Random Orbital Polisher XFE 7-12 80 Kit
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Flex Random Orbital Polisher XFE 7-12 80 Kit

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Benefits of Flex Random Orbital Polisher XFE 7-12 80 Kit:

- VR microprocessor control: with constant tachogenerator speed control, easy start, restart protection after power failure, overload protection, temperature monitoring and speed selection
- free rotation unit for finishing without holograms
- 12 mm orbit for high efficiency
- special hook and damped hook for polishing.
- counterweight for smoother operation
- optimized air flow for optimal engine and gear cooling. No annoying exhaust air for the user
- the flat head of the gear reduces the distance from the surface. Therefore, the car can be operated safely in any position.
- hood: ergonomically shaped with SoftGrip. The car can be precisely controlled and is always comfortable, but safe to hold.
- with rubber rest bar for secure fixing
- The reduced heat generation at the surface makes it ideal for temperature sensitive paints
- especially suitable in the area of ​​on-site repairs and for difficult shapes. Ideal auxiliary for larger polishes

Technical specifications of Flex Random Orbital Polisher XFE 7-12 80 Kit:

Max. polishing buffer diameter: 80 mm
Max. spare buffer diameter: 75 mm
Orbit: 12 mm
No-load speed: 1800-5500 rpm
Orbit rate, no load: 3600-10800 opm
Input power: 700 watts
Power: 425 watts
Cable length: 4 m
Dimension (L x W x H): 320 x 58 x 120 mm
Weight: 2.1 kg

Kit content:

Velcro tray, 75Ø
Polishing sponge PSX-G 801
Polishing sponge PS-O 801
Polishing sponge PS-R 801
MW-C microfiber polishing cloth
Polishing paste P05 / 05-LDX - 250 ml
Sealing paste W02 / 04 - 250 ml
L-BOXX carrying case
Insert housing
Flex Random Orbital Polisher XFE 7-12 80

Quantity: 1 kit