Colourlock Leather Shield, 150ml
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Colourlock Leather Shield, 150ml

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New leather surfaces (plywood and painted) on vehicles and furniture should be treated with Colourlock Leather Shield, 150ml in contact areas within the first three years of purchase. New leather surfaces do not require major hydration because they are in optimal condition and tend to have problems with wear or impregnation with other colors from clothing, especially in light leather. The driver's seat (contact areas of sports seats) and the most used surfaces on sofas and armchairs show signs of wear since the first five years, and in the case of light-colored leathers, color marks on clothing are a real problem. All this can be effectively prevented by a simple application of the Colourlock Leather Shield, 150ml every three months. The rest of the surface can be treated only with Colourlock Leather Protector, 150ml every 6-12 months. Older leathers should be treated more often. For professionals, Leather Shield is the first product used to treat leather surfaces after a complete dyeing.

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