EV Charging Station BMW WallBox Plus Gen 4, 22kW, T2, IEC
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EV Charging Station BMW WallBox Plus Gen 4, 22kW, T2, IEC

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EV Charging Station BMW WallBox Plus Gen 4, 22kW, T2, IEC - BMW for BEV electric cars / PHEV hybrid electric cars

Attention! To ensure that the wallbox operates safely and to benefit from the warranty, it must be installed and connected by an authorized electrician.

Usage is only possible with a BMW xEV, a BMW ID account, and the My BMW app: the service must be extended for each market from the BMW Connected Drive Store. Technical requirement: purchase and professional installation and configuration of all necessary components

With the permanently installed Wallbox Plus, the electrified vehicle is charged quickly, reliably, and conveniently with up to 22 kW. In addition to its compact dimensions in BMW or MINI design, Wallbox Plus also offers convenient cable management.


Safe and fast charging: Compared to the flexible fast charger with a household adapter provided with the vehicle, the Wallbox achieves a significantly shorter charging time.
Easy to use and convenient cable management: The cable can be compactly arranged on the cable holder. There is also a holder for the plug.
Design and functionality: The wall box is compact and space-saving and is made of robust, weather-resistant materials for indoor and outdoor use.
Cost-effective installation: DC error detection is already integrated into the wallbox, thus contributing to significant installation cost savings.
Plug & Play: If the plug is connected to the vehicle, the charging process starts automatically, without the need for other operational steps.
Access control via RFID: With the included RFID cards, the end customer can optionally decide who can use the wallbox.
Intelligent load management: The wallbox's charging power dynamically adapts to the remaining consumption in the house, thus preventing overloading at the network connection point. (Together with Smart Meter)
Charging services for connected homes: Compatible with CHCS and thus solar and optimized charging as well as wallbox management available through the MY BMW app.
All installed components are certified according to international standards and tested by the BMW Group.
The wallbox offers a high level of security in all countries by meeting all country-specific requirements, as well as electrical protection class IP65 and mechanical protection class IK09.
The wall box contains all safety-related modules for safe and reliable vehicle charging.


The wallbox can be flexibly and easily connected to the home network.
Vehicle air conditioning presetting: The temperature in the vehicle can be preset. In the morning, the customer finds their vehicle charged and already preheated or cooled. The energy required for this is supplied through the wallbox when the vehicle is connected and thus saved during driving - to maximize range.
Wallbox status display: It is displayed by an LED bar on the front of the wallbox. Thanks to this display on the wallbox, the customer can always see the current charging status, even from a greater distance.
Wallbox installation app: The wallbox can be kept up to date through the associated installed app, a variety of settings can be changed, and the current device status can be accessed at any time. There is also information and troubleshooting tips.

Technical data:

Dimensions (L x W x H) 370 mm x 270 mm x 185 mm
Weight 6.5 kg
Charging power up to 7.4 kW (1PH) up to 22 kW (3PH)
Charging standard IEC 61851
Connection voltage Europe: 230 V, 230/400 V 3N
Network frequency Europe: 50/60 Hz
Connection type Europe: 0 A to 32 A (three-phase or single-phase)
Protection class Europe: IP65/IK09
Permissible ambient conditions -40 °C to +50 °C
Cable Europe: fixed charging cable, country-specific (6 meters) with associated vehicle plug.

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