Ceramic Plastic Protection Nanolex Si3D Trim, 30 ml
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Ceramic Plastic Protection Nanolex Si3D Trim, 30 ml

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Reveal superior protection of ornaments with Ceramic Plastic Protection Nanolex Si3D Trim, 30 ml, a revolutionary hybrid system that offers restoration of discolored plastic ornaments combined with ceramic coating properties, developed with state-of-the-art silane technology. Specifically formulated for automotive ornaments, this innovative solution sets a new standard in professional ornament care, restoring discolored ornaments while maintaining the vitality and integrity of your vehicle's ornament elements against harsh environmental conditions.

Premium quality and protection:

Nanolex Si3D Trim offers unmatched protection and long-lasting performance, creating a durable and transparent ceramic shield. It strengthens your trim against UV degradation, discoloration, environmental pollutants, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring it remains in impeccable condition with sustained richness and depth.

Features of Ceramic Plastic Protection Nanolex Si3D Trim, 30 ml:

UV resistant: Provides superior protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing trim discoloration and aging.
Enhanced durability: restores and maintains the natural texture and color richness of the ornament, keeping it looking fresh for at least 15000 km or 12 washes.
Hydrophobic properties: efficiently repels water and contaminants, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

Easy application: Nanolex Si3D Trim offers an easy and uniform application process, ensuring optimal adhesion and maximum protection, making it the choice of professionals and enthusiasts who demand the best protection for their vehicle ornaments.

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