Long-life Grease Liqui Moly LM 47 MoS2, 400g
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Long-life Grease Liqui Moly LM 47 MoS2, 400g

Long-life Grease Liqui Moly LM 47 MoS2, 400g

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Long-life Grease Liqui Moly LM 47 MoS2, 400g - High quality special grease. The content of MoS2 gives the selected base grease an exceptional lubrication capacity and high performance characteristics, characteristics that are not found in usual greases. During operation, an adherent, very thin film of molybdenum sulphide forms on the sliding surfaces, with prolonged efficiency after the complete stop of the grease supply. With very long-term lubrication, transportable in central lubrication facilities. Characteristics according to DIN 51502 KPF2K-30. Temperature range for use: Between - 30 °C and + 120 °C.


- increases operational reliability;
- very resistant to cold and hot water;
- good corrosion protection;
- can be used with centralized lubrication systems;
- economic;
- universal application;
- high resistance to aging;
- high loading capacity;
- special lubrication action;
- distinctive characteristics of high pressure;
- reduction of friction and wear;

Technical data:

Short description: KPF2K-30 DIN 51502.
NLGI number: 2 DIN 51811.
Worked penetration: 265-295 1/10 mm DIN ISO 2137.
Dropping point: 180 ° C DIN ISO 2176.
Oil separation after 7 days at 40°C: 8.0% DIN 51817.
Oil separation after 18 hours at 40°C: 2.8% DIN 51817.
Flow pressure at -20°C <1400 mbar DIN 51805.
Emcor corrosion class: 1/1DIN 51802.
Copper corrosion after 24 hours at 100°C: 1 b IN 51811.
Behavior in the presence of water: 0-90 DIN 51807 Part. 1.
Material loading force in the four-ball test 2800/3200 N: DIN 51350 Part 4.
Wear resistance in the four-ball test: 1.98 mm DIN 51350 Part 5.
Base oil: mineral.
Saponification type: Lithium.
Viscosity at 40°C: 110 mm² / s ASTM D 7042-04.
Flash point: 220 °C DIN ISO 2592.
Pour point: -24 °C DIN ISO 3016.

Field of use:

For the installation, current maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, machine tools, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and printing machines. For intensively stressed bearings and joints, splined shafts, threads and guides. For homokinetic articulated transmissions.

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