Wynn's Supremium Petrol, 250ml
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Wynn's Supremium Petrol, 250ml

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Wynn's Supremium Petrol, 250ml is an additive developed to improve the quality of regular petrol or E10 fuel to premium quality petrol. The formula has been specially adapted to protect the fuel system against the consequences of using E10 fuel.

Benefits of Wynn's Supremium Petrol, 250ml:

- reduces the internal friction between the parts in the fuel supply system and reduces the increased fuel consumption when using E10 fuel that has a lower heating value
- cleans and keeps clean the injectors, valves and the fuel supply system
- prevents wear and tear of fuel supply system components and ensures extreme corrosion protection when using E10 fuel
- lubricates and protects the fuel pump and injectors;

Special bottle with dosing device, helps to obtain the correct amount. It is recommended to use each full tank for better results.

Quantity: 250ml