Vetter Contactless Hand Sanitizer
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Vetter Contactless Hand Sanitizer

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Studies by the World Health Organization have shown that most viral or bacterial infections are transmitted through hand contact. In the current epidemiological context, regularly used hands and objects need constant sanitation.

We created a Vetter Contactless Hand Sanitizer  to keep our hands and usual objects sanitized. A small, elegant and portable device that helps you to sanitize without direct touch, hands and gadgets, keys or wallet. The device is effective for a wide range of scenarios. It can be used at home, in schools and kindergartens, in hotel rooms or in the office. Also, you can simply take it wherever you go, and whenever you need to clean your hands or personal belongings, you just have to keep them above the spray sensor.

Intelligent induction atomization: all you have to do is place what you want to clean, above the sensor and wait for the steam to start. When the sensor is activated, the appliance will spray the cleaning solution for about 15 seconds.

- intuitive: transparent container for cleaning substance: you can see at a glance the amount of sanitizer left;
- the substance container is detachable for easy cleaning or refilling;
- simplified control: a short press, starts the device, two consecutive presses, stops it;
- portable and versatile, can sanitize: phones, keys, sunglasses, tablets, etc .;
- can be positioned: in toilets, offices, schools and kindergartens, medical offices, restaurants, shops, hotels;
- easy to use: just make sure there is enough substance in the container so that the sponge of the atomizer is moistened. If the jet loses power, try to loosen the screwing of the container a little.

Safe, intelligent, easy to carry and versatile, the Vetter Contactless Hand Sanitizer offers you probably the easiest and safest way to clean your hands and objects that you use often. Thanks to a generous 1800 mAh battery and universal charging port (Type C), the device will be with you all day, effortlessly.

The device is a practical and elegant solution, a significant upgrade of the usual disinfectant bottle. We appreciate the simplicity, efficiency and ease of use and strive to provide creative and effective solutions. The Vetter sanitizer was built to offer a practical solution and at the same time a style boost, in the global epidemiological context.

- Solid construction, made of quality materials
- Intelligent design, which offers leakage protection.
- Powerful 1800 mAh battery
- UCB-C charging port
- Do not leave residues

ATTENTION: The appliance is empty, it does not come pre-filled with sanitation solution. The sanitizing solution is available by separate sale (70% isopropyl alcohol), 500ml)

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