Valvoline V-Belt Spray, 500ml
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Valvoline V-Belt Spray, 500ml

Valvoline V-Belt Spray, 500ml

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Valvoline V-Belt Spray, 500ml is a premium quality product designed to keep V-belts protected. This spray helps to manage and prevent slipping and creaking and is characterized by exceptional adhesive properties. Valvoline V-Belt Spray is specially developed to provide long-lasting protection and to extend the life of all types of V-belts.

Benefits of Valvoline V-Belt Spray, 500ml:

- high quality ingredients that help prevent any problems with squeaking and slipping that can affect the V-belts
- superior protection, long lasting
- high adhesion, due to which the product remains in place at all times
- prevents wear and extends the life of your V-belt
- ability to withstand any type of weather to which it is exposed
- high expansion, which allows the product to solidify and increase its viscosity when under pressure
- easy to use, easy to apply and with a directed spray

How to use: Make sure you read all the instructions printed on the package before applying the product. Valvoline V-Belt Spray is best kept at room temperature before application. The recommended processing temperature for this spray varies from 5 degrees C to 30 degrees C. First, stop the vehicle's engine. Then shake the spray bottle and apply the product in a thin layer directly on the threads of the V-belt, ensuring an equal stretch. Wait for the product to evaporate and take effect to start the engine again.

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