Valvoline PTFE Dry, 500ml
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Valvoline PTFE Dry, 500ml

Valvoline PTFE Dry, 500ml

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Valvoline PTFE Dry, 500ml is a dry, high quality lubricant, developed to treat mechanical parts made of metal or plastic in which no oil or grease residues are desired.

Benefits of Valvoline PTFE Dry, 500ml:

- very low friction factor
- excellent grip
- the ability to prevent wear and tear
- resistance to weather influences
- direct jet spray.

How to use: Valvoline PTFE Dry must be at room temperature before use, and the processing temperature must be between 5 and 30 ° C. Shake the container well and apply PTFE Dry in a thin layer. After evaporation of the solvent (approximately 1 minute), a dry protective PTFE film remains. The drying time of PTFE Dry is about 5 minutes.

Quantity: 500ml