Valvoline Airco Refresher, 150ml
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Valvoline Airco Refresher, 150ml

Valvoline Airco Refresher, 150ml

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Valvoline Airco Refresher, 150ml is a first class spray, intelligently formulated, used to refresh the air conditioning and air circulation system in a series of vehicles. It is praised for its subtle fragrance that easily refreshes the vehicle's cabin without making the interior feel clogged afterwards. The product is designed in accordance with the highest industry standards in order to provide adequate levels of safety. As such, Airco Refresher is not considered a health hazard if used according to the instructions that come with the product.

Benefits of Valvoline Airco Refresher, 150ml:

- extremely easy to use and is extremely efficient.
- is formulated to be safe for use and not to present a health hazard when used in accordance with the recommended application.

How to use: To add Valvoline Airco Refresher, 150ml, start the engine and keep it idling. The air circulation system must be raised to the maximum, while the temperature must be set to the lowest level. Both the seats and the seat back must be placed in the front position, while the air circulation system must be at maximum power in the recirculation position. Once everything is set, place the Airco Refresher behind the seats, press the nozzle once to activate the spray, leave the car and close the vehicle doors. Allow Valvoline Airco Refresher to evaporate. After about 10 minutes, stop the engine, open the vehicle doors and vent.

For more information on how to use Airco Refresher, watch the instruction video.

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