Universal Degreaser Wynn's, 500ml
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Universal Degreaser Wynn's, 500ml

Universal Degreaser Wynn's, 500ml

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Universal Degreaser Wynn's, 500ml has a durable formula designed to remove oil, grease, tar and wax from motorcycle chains, engines, components, machinery, bodywork, tires, rims, tools, etc.

Benefits of Universal Degreaser Wynn's, 500ml:

- water-based formula with NON-DRIP exclusive effect, designed to remove grease from all types of surfaces
- water soluble for easier and safer cleaning
- the NON-DRIP function allows a precise application, a much longer contact time between the product and the surface to be cleaned, either vertically or horizontally and, consequently, an optimal, faster and easier removal of any type of dirt
- easy to apply and remove after softening or dissolving the blocked dirt;

Way of ussage:

Spray the product (from a suitable distance, at least 20-30cm) on the surface and let the product work for 2-3 minutes. Rinse lightly with water or a suitable brush or cloth, if deemed appropriate. Repeat if necessary. For a precise application, spray directly on the cloth and apply on the surface to be treated.

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